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Pure Red Wag Platy

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1 Breeding Trio (one male/two females) of This Platy is $30.00


2 Breeding Trios (two males/four females) of This Platy is $40.00

Xiphophorus maculatus

Pure Red Wag Platy

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What Does Pure Breeding Mean? The Fish You Buy From The Petstore Might Look Like These Fish BUT PETSTORES SELL MUTS Who produce many different colors.This Lines Babies Look Just Like The Parents! These fish are top shelf lines.

At Crackedglass Aquarium We Maintain Over 50 Varieties of Platy. Over The Years We Have Become Very Well Known For Them!

The Truth Is That Joy Loves Platy Fish! We Always have Some Around. Right Now We Have Ten Tanks Just For Platy Fish. Some Of These Strains Are Older then When Noah Sailed Over From The Old Country.

This Is Not Pet Store crap! These Are Nice Strong Lines Of fantastic Healthy Platy Fish From The Best Blood Lines.

They Eat Anything throwen At Them, But Have Speical tast For baby Brine Shrimp.