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Firetail "Red" Tuxedo Platy

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Item Number - 711

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1 Breeding Trio (one male/two females) of This Platy is $34.99


2 Breeding Trios (two males/four females) of This Platy is $49.99

Xiphophorus maculatus

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What Does Pure Breeding Mean? The Fish You Buy From The Petstore Might Look Like These Fish BUT PETSTORES SELL MUTS Who produce many different colors.This Lines Babies Look Just Like The Parents! These fish are top shelf lines.

At Crackedglass Aquarium We Maintain Over 50 Varieties of Platy. Over The Years We Have Become Very Well Known For Them!

I am happy to say we do have some of these for sale now. These have been raised in an aquarium and are stress free and disease free. In fact we don't have disease in any of our aquariums, and work extremely hard to keep it that way. When you receive our fish they are home grown and leaving the tank they was raised in for the first time. From our aquarium to yours, that's why our fish are so strong and healthy!

This Little Platy Is A Privilege to Work With! Every once in a while you will find a fish like these.