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Charles says:
i am so pleased. JOY, please send me your phone # so i can call and thank you personally. You made a 81 year old man, vet and cancer survivor so happy. Feel free to use my name as a reference, you guys are the best!!!!
Joe says:
we are satisfied with the whole transaction and you will receive a glowing review from us
Jacob says:
I am BEYOND ecstatic! They were in the mail for almost 10 days, and the water was icy cold from being outside in the delivery truck for who knows how long, but both were alive! The male is being much more shy, bordering on lethargic, but I'm hoping he will be ok. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up dying, but the female is very outgoing and seems healthy. The shrimp were a slightly different story. I'm not sure many yall sent me since I just asked for 30 bucks worth, but it seems like at least a few didn't make it because there seems like there are remains in the bags that the alive ones tore up, but those could also be molts. Either way, the only thing that matters is that plenty of the shrimp survived just fine, hopefully enough that they will reproduce. The fact mostly everything made it here alive is a huge testament to the quality of yalls fish. Most would've stressed/sickened/ then died after such an ordeal. Thank you so much for the communication and good business. Now just to pray the male survives and the female is not a male in disguise!
Clay says:
Joy the fish came in perfectly. I just added them to their new tanks. Thanks again for some high quality fish.
Sherry says:
Got my fish ! They look great ! Thank you for the free fry!!!
Simon says:
My shrimps arrived today and they seem to all be happy and healthy! I thank you as well for the inclusion of these plants, which look very nice and healthy
David says:
Packaged received!- All fish are doing great! Thanks for all the extra baby fish! Will be back for more
Brian says:
Thank You so much !!! I wish I could give you more than a positive rating because your customer service is incredible !!!
Brian says
When I get my bigger tank up and running I will be bidding on more fish from you guys. I think I will wait until USPS gets caught up and is running smoothly for awhile. The fish you sent are very impressive and obviously very hardy to survive the trip. Thank You for your constant communication and sending very nice fish. Thank You,